Friday, April 30, 2010

Fish Cake

 Last night we had our monthly Pack meeting.  All the boys had to make a sports themed cake and bring it to the Pack meeting.
The Cisco Kid wanted to make a fish to represent fishing.
 There is a straw with a gummy worm to make it look like a fishing hook. 

I am going to start out by saying that The Cisco Kid wanted to win the auction for his cake. I told him that the bid would probably start at ten dollars and he could bid as high as $16.00. The Auctioneer asked the boys what they think their cake is worth and the Cisco Kid said $16.00. So that is where the auction started. She then said.... any one for $17.00 and someone raised their number. Then she said $18.00 and the Cisco Kid just looked at me like, I want to bid mom!! Can I go higher! I gave him the waive to go ahead. The bids went back and forth from The Cisco Kid to another gentleman. The cake went from $16.00 to $18.00, then TCK bid 19.00, then 20.00 to a gentleman. TCK 22.50, I gave TCK the signal for that was enough bidding. The gentleman grabbed the cake for $25.00.
This picture shows The Cisco Kid Shocked that someone else was bidding against him. 
The gentleman that won. He was the Auctioneers husband 
     That was a fun evening.  We raised 611.00 auctioning off the cakes. 


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